Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Revit's Worksharing Update Frequency Gotcha!

Well, when I saw this feature, I thought how cool is this! BUT... I did wonder if this would cause a performance hit. Think about it, it's communicating with the central file every 5 seconds!

Well, it turns out that it doesn't seem to get used that much by our staff and now it's causing issues between our two offices - UGH...

The problem is this; we have a Milwaukee office and a Madison office with all our servers (and projects) located in Milwaukee. When we have a Madison team member working on a project along with Milwaukee team members, the Madison staff will get this error a lot! I mean a lot...

I ran across a few threads on the issue, but in our case it's related to the Workset Update Frequency. The solution was to move the slider to the extreme other side (Manual Updates).

All users working on project must make this change, not just the Madison staff.

If you so choose, you can also make the change in your Revit.ini using the WorksharingUpdateFrequency line in the [Partitions] section. The values you can set go from 5 (every 5 seconds) to 61 (off). 
   I hope this helps!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Revit - Home View, View Cube and the Save View command

This week's tip will focus on the Home button & View Cube and in-particular, the Save View button.

What does Save View do?
·         If you have a 3D view that hasn't been named yet, i.e. {3D}, you can create a new 3D view by using Save View. Results are similar to duplicating the 3D view in the Project Browser.
·         If you're in a 3D view that is already named, Save view does NOT save a new view, but only the view's orientation. We've had instances in the past where a 3D view will continue to revert back to a predetermined orientation when you close and open the model. This will correct that behavior.
·         Do you have a 3D view that you want to match another 3D's view orientation/view direction?
o   If you have only one orientation that you're trying to match in the entire project, you can use the "Set Current View as Home" option. You can reorient ANY 3D view to the Home orientation using the home button.
o   If you have more than one orientation you would like to match, you can use the Orient to a View option.
¨       Establish the orientation of a 3D view (View 01).
¨       Go to another 3D view (View 02) where you would like it to match View 01's orientation. Right click on the View Cube and Orient to a View. Select View 01 – Voila!
·         Once I save a 3D view's orientation, what happens if I accidently move/rotate the view. Can I get back to the saved orientation?
¨       Yes, but you have to leverage yet another tool... the Steering Wheel. Once you enable the Steering Wheel, right click anywhere on it to bring on the context sensitive menu. Select Undo View Orientation Changes.

o   In some cases you may also consider the Rewind tool (also located in the Steering Wheel).

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

BIM and the Cloud

I recently attended a webcast by Advance 2000 on BIM and Cloud Computing and I thought I would share. With the new buzzword being "Working in the Cloud", its time we understand what that really is... I'm not going to re-hash what was covered in the webcast, but instead point you in the right direction for more information.

Chris France from Advance 2000 presented the 1-hour long webcast giving a pretty good overview of the history and future of cloud computing and how it can impact the AEC industry. Check out their site for more information and future webcasts...

Chris has also written articles for AECbytes on the subject.

Here is also a YouTube video by Tom Bittman giving a brief overview of the Cloud from back in 2009: