Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bringing Clarity to your Documents

Do you need a break from the daily grind... Here is a tip I passed along to our users recently that should make your life a little more enjoyable. Enjoy!

We are viewing all different types of documents during our day. Have you ever gotten a document that used a smaller font and it was just tough to read? Or are your eyes just not what they used to be??

Let’s bring things into focus by increasing the magnification of the screen!

There are a couple ways to accomplish this.
  • Use the scroll bar or drop down to increase/decrease the zoom percentage. All applications are similar in concept, but you may access the tool in a different way.

  • Hold down the "Control" key and roll the wheel in/out on your mouse. The zoom percentage noted above will also reflect this change, so getting back to 100% is pretty easy!

1 comment:

seandburke said...

Those are good tips for those who don't know. I've been using Readability for most web pages now, and it really helps remove the clutter and ads. It also allows you to adjust the font size, style and width of the text column to present it more like a book.