Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Low Walls in Revit

This is an older tip, but we just ran into the issue again recently...

Unwritten Rule: Walls that are unconnected AND less than 6' in height will not display their interior layers (you'll get a display similar to coarse).

These two walls are the same family, just different heights...

Workaround #1:
Constrain the Top of the wall to the same level as the base constraint, but give the wall a Top Offset equal to the desired unconnected height. This is essentially the same thing as being unconnected, but in Revit's eyes is not...

Workaround #2:
Same as above, but constrain the top of the wall to the level above. Do some math to include an offset "down" from that level.

Workaround #3:
"Attach" the wall's top to something... In this example, a Reference Plane will do.


Anonymous said...

What happens when you change the Cut plane of the View to be below 5'.
I think all walls below cut plane won't show layers.
Or may be I just don't understand the tip.

best regards

Tony Isenhoff said...

You are correct regarding walls below the cut plane. What I was showing is for situations where your wall height is above the cut plane, but less than 6'... The typical cut plane is 4'