Monday, January 21, 2008

Worksharing Monitor - System Performance

OK - I have to tell you I really like the System performance tool of the new Worksharing Monitor.

I know you can do similar tasks using Windows Task Manager, but having it all in one location is very nice. We have run into issues of low memory, etc. resulting in crashing - this will assist staff in staying on top of those memory issues.

Also, being able to keep this window on top (transparent) and continue to monitor things is handy.


hopeless17 said...

Sir, Do the System Performance is a 3rd part tool or it resides in the Computer? It is looking like Window Task Manager, Please tell me, from where 'System Performance' tool can be downloaded.

Tony Isenhoff said...

System performance is part of the Worksharing Monitor. You have to be a subscription member with Autodesk... then the download is free from their subscription site.