Thursday, January 31, 2008

Wall Cleanup

I don't typically like to re-post something from another's blog, but in case you don't read his blog, this tip is awesome and has been a thorn in our side for a while now. Credit goes to David Light

David titled it "My staggered wall is not cleaning up!!!! " The issue is when you have a condition where parallel walls don't cleanup properly because of their position or that that a short wall is created that won't clean properly - Something like this:

The key is in the order you click the blue grips... Click the horizontal wall's blue grip here:

Then click the other horizontal wall's grip here:

And you get this!

How cool is that!!! Too bad we have to do it manually, but at least it works. Autodesk - take note...

Now the question is, does this "stick" so next time I open the project, is the correct cleanup still there... We'll see..

Thanks David!

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David Light said...

Tony, thanks for your kind comments!! Glade it has helped solved the problem for you. The strange thing is that the cleaning up of very small walls used to work in Revit 6 & 7, but then Autodesk changed the behaviour of walls around the time of v8 and this is what you now need to do to solve the problem.