Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Revit, RAM & Minimizing

A friend of mine (Scott Brisk of MasterGraphics) and I were discussing how RAM is utilized by Autodesk applications. As you work in your application, RAM is used and in many cases is not returned to the OS when it's no longer needed. The problem arises when you start to reach the 2 GIG limit for a Process in Windows or you simply start to run low on memory. Scott informed me that if you minimize the application, RAM is given back... He confirmed in AutoCAD MEP. I thought that was pretty hard to believe so I tested myself. I opened one of our larger projects using Revit Architecture, opened 3-4 views, watch the memory usage go up, then minimized. Below are the results:

Before minimize:

After minimize:

So when working in Revit and you get a message that you're running low on memory, try minimizing!

On a side note, I always knew that having multiple views open can affect performance, but I was pretty surprised at actually how much RAM is used.

One view open: 784,380 k
Two views open: 817,520 k
Three views open: 847,220 k
Four views open: 872,896 k

So... Closing views when not in use is also very important.

Thanks Scott for bringing this up! Here is Scott's blog in case you're interested in Revit MEP:


rohit arora said...

Thanks for the input Tony.
Here's a benchmark test that can help quantitify the performance of your Revit machine's hardware.

idiot savant said...

I'm afraid your using the Task Manager memory reporting wrong, You'll notice that the VM memory usage is the same, which means your still using the same amount of memory. Sadly, what it really comes down to is the fact that Windows has atrocious memory handling and it doesn't help that Autodesk's memory handling failures compound the issue.

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