Monday, January 21, 2008

New Revit Tools!!

Check out the new tools offered by Autodesk!

  • Worksharing Monitor
  • Batch Print Utility

Both are available to Subscription members (we all should have subscription, right??) I won't get into specifics about each app here (at least not yet) because they seem pretty straight forward, but download and check them out!

Here's where you can find the download:

Log onto the Subscription site:

On the main page, navigate to the following:

Click on the above link, you'll be taken to where you can download...

Once installed, you'll find the tools under the Tools Pulldown, then External Tools or in the case of the Worksharing Monitor, from the Desktop icon created during installation.



cadalot said...

There are a lot pf problem getting hold of this download.....


Aaron said...

Thank you very much!