Monday, June 25, 2007

Linking in CAD for Details & Sections

I have to give credit to my colleague, Phllis Robbins for creating the information in this post...

Linking in CAD .dwg's seems like a good idea, but I'm finding that in more & more instances, it's more trouble than it's worth... Here is one of those examples.

Wall sections were done outside the project environment - in AutoCAD (which I don't recommend by the way - use the model, that's what it's there for...)

Drafting views were then created within Revit and the .dwg's were link in. Section marks were placed using the "Reference Other View".
That's the first problem - since you're referencing a "Drafting View", the section mark is view specific; you don't see it in any other views (floor plan/elevations, etc.)

The next work around is to cut a live section, turn off the model in that view, then import my cad file. Don't use Drafting Views at all...

That is do-able and that is what we ended up doing, but then again, anything is do-able if you jump thru enough hoops. There are other repercussions of linking in .dwgs. See below...

In the following examples, details were created within ADT and linked into Revit. Revit doesn't interpret everything as you would think. Thanks to my co-worker Phyllis Robbins for her thorough investigation :)

ADT Detail:

After linked or imported into Revit:


After linked or imported into Revit:

I hope this sheds some light on linking CAD files into Revit and just a few of the pitfalls. It can be done and you may think you're saving time, but looks may be deceiving.